Say no to gay Zionist train drivers

Has the world gone mad?

Firstly, the horrors of Connex:

The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign calls upon citizens, NGOs and civil society groups to stand up and demand the immediate cessation of the involvement of French companies Alstom and Connex in the expansion of settlement infrastructure around Jerusalem.
We make the call for European citizens of conscience to put pressure on President Jacques Chirac and the French government to demand that they force an end to Connex and Alstom involvement in projects that contravene international law and work against our rights as Palestinians to exist in our capital.

We call upon our supporters in all the countries where Connex and Alstom operate, to use all forms of popular pressure, protest and boycotts against them, until they end their support for the Israeli project to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem.

And secondly, the boycott of WorldPride 2006:

As individuals and groups working for the liberation of all oppressed peoples, we join in the call to boycott travel to World Pride Jerusalem in 2006 as part of the international boycott of Israel. Although the event is named, "Love Without Borders," Israel has illegally occupied Jerusalem for decades, and has functionally annexed the city. Jerusalem is a city with borders that are constantly enforced by the Israeli army. These borders -- including militarized checkpoints and towering concrete walls -- are often impenetrable to Palestinians and other Arab people.

We support the rights of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and other queer-identified (LGBTIQ) people to love and live in freedom, and to demonstrate publicly to demand their/our rights. These rights should not be placed in competition with the long struggle of the Palestinian people, including Palestinian LGBTIQ people, for self-determination, for the right to return to their homes, and the struggle against apartheid and the occupation of their lands.

We urge all people who seek peace and justice to support the travel boycott of World Pride Jerusalem as a part of the boycott of Israeli goods, and the call to divest from Israel. Together we can build a free and fair world for us all.

The hatred of Israel shared by the both far left and most of the Arab world leads to some strange bedfellows. Perhaps there's some truth to this, after all.

Hat tip to Polly for the Connex silliness.


Polly said…
I just had to go and buy some Dana International tracks off iTunes after reading about the Worldpride 2006 boycott, I'll make sure to listen to it on my iPod tomorrow when I take the Connex train to work.
Polly said…
I just had to go and buy a Dana International album off iTunes after reading about the Worldpride 2006 boycott, I'll make sure to listen to it on my iPod tomorrow when I take the Connex train to work.
Polly said…
argh! sorry about the multiple posts there - I meant to hit preview the first time round ;-/
Anonymous said…
Mmmm, okay I can maybe see silliness but try as I might I don't see hatred. What am I missing?

Sammo said…
I've always known Connex was evil!! Does that mean I can blame Israel for that time I got caught without a ticket? Or does (pointlessly) resenting the ticket inspector deem me anti-semitic??
Anonymous said…
Why is there a need to boycott Israeli products? If we hate what is going on in Lebanon right now, then let us just hate those who are involove in that particular war. Let us not involve others who are not responsible for it. Do you think most Israeli love what their country is in right now?
Anonymous said…
No tin70, i don't think most Israelis "love" what their country is doing. I think that most Israelis are frustrated with Olmert's inability to crush the terrorists. This can only be done through using overwhelming force, which he obviously does not have the balls to use.
Anonymous said…
Why don't you try actually reading the fact sheet? Connex is actively involved in building infrastructure for ILLEGAL settlements. Also Palestinians are not able to use their trams or even cross the tram lines. What if black people were not allowed to use trams here? Dont you think that it would make sense to boycott any companies that were complicit? It's easy to dismiss and make fun of something if you don't even bother to read it.
Anonymous said…
And the boycott of World Pride was organised by gay activists themselves so I don't know why you imply that this is somehow homophobic.

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