A Jean-ius for Brand

Normally candidate biographies are rather naff, inoffensive things with nothing particularly controversial... or persuasive. However, this particular snippet from Greens candidate for Brand, Jean Jenkins, was notable:

Jean was previously an Australian Democrats Senator for WA from 1987 to 1990, but left the Democrats in 1994. She found could not support a Party which foisted John Howard's GST on the people of Australia.

Notable, why? Cos in 1994, Jean decided to leave the Democrats over the issue of the GST. Which wasn't passed until 1999. With foresight like that, the woman is brilliant - and no doubt big Kim is shaking in his loafers. Let's hope Jean doesn't need to withdraw due to unforseen circumstances.

UPDATE - Wednesday, 1 September, 1:20am - As Andrew has pointed out in the comments, the Jean-ius for Brand has changed her candidate biography. Was it as a result of Ariontheweb's unrelenting campaign (eg, one post) or did Jean see the error of her ways without prompting? We'll never know.


Phu-Linh Tran said…
Nyehh...1994..1999..what's the diff? I'm sure it was a sincere typo and that if she could do it all over again, she would still leave the Democrats, whether it was 10 years ago or 5 years ago, whether it was over the GST or whether it was over trade agreements over Brazilian coffee beans. Everyone's got a shitty excuse to make a big deal outta nuttin'.
Anonymous said…
You'll notice that Jean's page is now updated to remove the implication of a relationship between her leaving the Democrats and her disapproval for their support for the GST.

It's nice to see blogging can make a difference.

Anonymous said…
Sorry, Ari--I don't think anyone in WA saw your blog at the time. The first version was posted by an enthusiastic campaign officer. It was quickly changed when Jean saw it for the first time. Incidentally, Beazley *has* been doing some shaking in his loafers--because (for the second time running) the Greens have decided not to preference either for or against him. While not residing in Brand, Kim is keen to bring more of the US navy and its nukes to the coastal electorate.

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