Seat Watch - Kingston

In 1990, Janine Haines got within a hanging chad of winning the seat of Kingston for the Democrats, and being their first member of the House of Representatives. 14 years later, the party is still waiting to pop its green cherry, to use a bad taste cliche. Nowadays the incumbent is David Cox, a talented but underappreciated Labor front bencher who, along with Bob McMullan, will be crucial to demonstrating Labor's economic credentials.

The seat is held by the slender but defendable margin of 1.3%, halved as a result of the SA redistribution. The Liberal challenger to Cox is, well, um, how do we put this... not known. Well, the Liberal website has obviously recieved ASIO clearance, since it is completely devoid of any reference at all to the candidate (but does contain lots of earthy shots of John Howard in khaki). And type 'Kingston' into, and it's nothing but the Kingston of the Margo variety.

The swing nationwide will be on to the ALP, and the parlous state of the SA Libs won't help. Note that the one and only National in the SA House of Assembly has taken a spot as a minister with a Labor government. Not good signs for the Libs.

Cox to win in a canter.


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