You mean it's not all our own fault?

Just a quote, but it hit the spot with me as an excellent analysis of the past 5 years, in the context of Israel, and the world at large:

This propaganda (anti-Zionism) has been promulgated by the political left, which has appropriated the narrative of Palestinian oppression and malign Jewish power. It has done so because it believes the west is always the oppressor while the third world is always the oppressed. So even if the third world is perpetrating acts of murder against the west, it must have good cause because it is always ‘the victim’ of the west.

Read the full piece by Melanie Phillips here, and thanks to KiwiJewPundit for the tip-off, and also for having an even more unwieldly name than I do.


Habib said…
Thanks for the hat tip, Ari. Nice blog. Isn't Melanie pereptive? A bunch of fruitcakes murder 200 innocent Aussies (and a couple of Kiwis) in Bali, and you hear the media crying about how those loud Aussies destroyed the local lifestyle with beer and loud music (and their money).

About the name: the more unwieldly, the better.
Anonymous said…

I am guessing that you are Jewish or have close ties to the Jewish community, because this would explain your consistently pro-Zionist stance, and inability to see the problems with Israel's foreign policy.

I think it's fair to say that people who do not have personal ties/affiliations to Israel or Palestine, view Israel's stance as unjustifiable. If Israel wishes to defend itself against Palestinian militias (as it is justified in doing), then it should build
a security barrier *at the Israeli border*, not in occupied territory. Israel has in part created this problem for itself by supporting the establishment of settlements on land that Israel has no legitimate claim to.

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