Well said!

Kudos to Pamela Bone, a journalist and thinker who is prepared to expose some of the hypocracies and downright silliness of those on the far left, in a way which carries the extra gravitas of knowing that she was, and in some cases still is, one.

Her latest piece comments perceptively that:

In the West, anti-Semitism has migrated from the right to the left (which doesn't mean it has gone from the right).

Bone is correct that Israel cops a horribly unbalanced and unjustified level of criticism. The ills of much of the Arab world are tragic, but are the product of poor governance in those places, the Israel is a convenient fig leaf which masks the true source of those nation's woes.

Read the full piece and rejoice that someone is challenging the collective madness of the anti-Semitic elements of the left.


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