Seven's September Stuff Stinks

Watching the promos for Seven's September line-up during the Lympics is a welcome reminder as to why commercial television is not worth watching. Okay, I confess that I am not typical of most, and that my tastes are a little more subtle and cynical than the average couch potato, but it's hard enough to watch the promos for this dross, let alone the programmes themself.

Trading Spouses?? Playing it Straight?? Deal or No Deal - the Psychics Special?? A shooting death on Home and Away?? Why not save us the pain and combine the whole lot - A reality game show in which armed psychics have to pick and shoot the gay guy based on their interaction with a family of strangers. Yep. I'd watch that.

UPDATE - Thursday, 26/8, 11:45pm - It looks like yesterday's comment on Seven's fortunes was rather well timed. Just hours later, the Australian and it's excellent Thursday Media section had a savagely critical piece by Mark Day of Seven, and it's mini-Kerry:

This is a critical roll of the dice for Seven, its management, its board and its majority shareholder, Kerry Stokes. In the cold, harsh reality of business, it's time to piss or get off the pot.


Phu-Linh Tran said…
Very cute, very funny...much like you ;)


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