Get over it

Painful as it is to say it, the non-Victorian Grand Final next week is definately GFF (Good For Football). The league is a national CLUB league, meaning that players are lining up for their teams, not their states. It is irrelevant whether they are from Fremantle or Footscray - they're the other blokes, on the other team.

Those whingers and moaners who are pissed off that there is no Victorian side in the game need to ask themselves if they are genuinely fans of a national league, or are they simply parochial supporters who see the AFL as just the VFL after the renovators got to it. Economies-of-scale mean it is a national league or bust (well, national league or WAFL, which is much the same) and we should celebrate it rather than mourn it.

Carn the mighty (Pordadelaide) Magpies!!!!


Hamish said…
It's not a problem that its an all interstate final, but it is a problem when it is not a level playing field. Brisbane gets a bucketload more money to spend on its players than a Victorian team, and in real terms, that turns out to be more because its cheaper to live in Brisbane than it is in Melbourne. In essence, you could say that they have been able to buy their premierships.
Anonymous said…
What's this about the WAFL being something equivalent to nothing (or a busted national league)? You're obviously not from the Golden West!

But you're right about the PA/BL GF being GFF. CJ getting the BM just caps it off - but an acknowledgment that the finals (including the GF) shouldn't always have to be played at the MCG would be even better.

And while we're at it, maybe someone should look at the fairness associated with WCE and FreoFC having to travel every second week, whereas EFC and other Victorian teams travel interstate only 3 or 4 times per year.


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