Senator Hanson?

So Pauline is running for the Senate in Queensland... again. Pauline made her crucial political mistake way back in 1998, when after holding the seat of Oxley for a single term, she chose to run for the House of Reps again, this time in Blair, rather than running for the Senate. Alas, One Nation won that very Senate seat in 1998, with Heather Hill, then Len Harris, flying the flag for the party. Given that Harris' profile makes Andrew Bartlett looks like a pop-star, it was clearly a mistake. Just how different would things have been if Pauline was a Senator for the past six years?

Just like in 2001, Pauline will pick up a couple of percent, but do no more than give the Nationals yet another headache.

Any redder and she'd be in the Greens.


Brent said…
And as an independent, she'll be listed with all the other ungrouped candidates. This means that her supporters will have to number all of the boxes below the line (actually 90%+ of the boxes, but that's another story) for their votes for Pauline to count.

Brent said…
Actually I was wrong. News reports say that she's running with her sister, see and thus can run as a group:,5478,10782800%255E1702,00.html

Pauline actually picked up just over 10% (group and individual votes) in '01, but got very few preferences and thus couldn't reach 14.3%

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