Sparring in their own corners

It's been a very tentative start to the campaign by both major parties. So far the election seems to be taking place in an echo chamber, with no substantive issues actually being discussed, and minor verbal gaffes being blown out of all proportion. The big three so far, not one of which will swing a single voter, is:

- Mark Latham on 2GB ruling out a payroll tax, even though the ALP support a 0.1% levy to finance workers entitlements in case of company collapse.
- Trish Worth (one of the more refugee-friendly Liberals) making a poorly chosen comparison between quaratine for pets and for asylum seekers.
- Senator George Brandis possibly but probably not calling Howard a "lying rodent" whilst in private company.

So far nothing of substance is on the table, and the campaign threatens to be an issue-free zone, where both sides are making themselves a small target and there's no engagement. At least it gives the minor parties some space to breath.


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