And the $0.64 question...

Who will Ariontheweb be voting for?

Ultimately, the Democrats. Despite having no great ideological commitment to the party, I do respect and admire the individuals involved, and will be voting for them on that basis - particularly Jess Healy in the Senate. I will be preferencing Labor ahead of the Coalition, both of them ahead of the Greens, and all of them ahead of Family First. In the Senate, like all political nerds, I will be voting below the line, and the toughest choice is not the early couple of preferences, but deciding which of the moronic microparties to put last. The CEC, One Nation, Family First, Socialist Alliance... all dripping with bad ideas and so deserving of the number 65 in their box.


Anonymous said…
Don't believe you big A. These views are not consonant with your other crypto-conservative comments (see anything vis Israel, especially cf. anything before Ari's big European vacation and that unfortunate underpants incident). Whilst I do believe you'd chain yourself to a tram (to protect it from evil car-drivers) if the PTUA ayatollah demanded, I don't believe you're so callow as to waste your vote on the Dems.

Oh yeah, and i'm only posting anonymous cause I can't be bothered setting up an account thingy. You know who this is anyway because of the gratuitous use of parenthesis.
MelbLefty said…
Ari, how on earth could you put the Coalition ahead of the Greens?


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