A glimmer of hope in Zimbabwe

Thankfully there is some sanity and reason left in the new Zimbabwe. The leader of the Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai was accused of treason due to the suggestion that he was conspiring to murder President Mugabe, the man who puts the 'dick' back into dictator. Thankfully Tsvangirai was acuqitted, although it seems the government may appeal the decision. If the mere fact that the accusation was made doesn't show to the world that Mubage is grossly unfit to lead his nation then nothing will. He is in a state of extreme paranoia and is desperately seeking to crush all opposition, since he knows how futile his political future would be if he were subject to even a hint of democracy.

In an interesting exercise in propaganda as news, check out this piece by The Zimbabwe Herald, a daily paper extremely friendly to the Mugabe regime.


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