Senate rubber stamp

Kind of cute, I thought, and an eerie reminder of the political power that has been consolidated in the hands of one side of politics. It's worth noting that the Coalition will now have control of the House of Representatives, control of the Senate, have appointed all but one member of the High Court and appointed the entire board of the ABC.

Dear Australia,

Please find attached a copy of the rubber stamp you ordered on 09-Oct-04.


Australian Electoral Commission.

And to think that rubber usually offers protection...

UPDATE, 13/10, 9:15pm: Credit where credit is due. Thanks to Kent Winzer for the above piece of internet art. Like Kent himself, it's quick, witty and both of them barrack for Richmond except for the rubber stamp.

Kent experiences the horrors of peroxide.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm...That rubber stamp looks a lot like a fridge magnet.

Anonymous said…
I like that rubber stamp, whoever came up with it must be quite a witty individual.

Maybe you should give that individual a credit on this site??

Anonymous said…
I take it that is you, Kent? :P

Pete B

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