Whose Family?

An excellent observation from the brilliant mind of a friend of mine, Mikey:

I was reading through Family First's enlightening policy on the (heterosexual) Family yesterday. As I was doing so it dawned on me that the logo on their web site reminded me more of a stylised crucifix sitting atop a bishop's mitre than what I presume we're supposed to believe is the Southern Cross sitting atop a map of Australia.

It may be artistic license but, with reference to the attached Australian Flag diagram, the epsilon star (the little one) on the Southern Cross is generally positioned closer to the delta star (the rightmost one) than, as the way they have depicted is, at the crux (centre) of the constellation. To me this makes it look deceptively more like a crucifix than the Southern Cross.

I'm at a loss as to explain why the map might be designed to look like a mitre but it looks more like that to me than the map of Australia.

Hope I'm not reading too much into it.


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