The wild wild far west

I was sitting in my guest house room on Tuesday morning in Siem Reap after a rather nasty bout of gastro the night before (it's the best way to test out the local plumbing system, and thankfully it works pretty well). On the TV we could pick up channels from Cambodia, Thailand, China, Malaysia and CNN. Watching a news bulletin from Malaysia, they were covering international news and introduced the next item as coming from the "Far West". The major participants were Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas. Cute, isn't it?


Anonymous said…
Were they riding horses, wearing ten-gallon hats and carrying six-shooters? C
Anonymous said…
Hey, how come bex gets a link on your page but I don't?!?

What's the big idea?

Hope your having a great time (oh, and if you're feeling generous, its

Jacks xox
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the Fat Man is a little thinner. Hope you are feeling better - travelling with "Bali belly" (or similar) is never a wonderful experience. You keep on experiencing the untouristy Asia - away from the Westernised trappings. Keep well and safe.
BTW, Pakistan all out for 179, and Aust. did not force the follow-on and are now 217 ahead. (only had 3 overs to bat at end of day).
Your favourite Uncle!

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