Dodgy backpacker accommodation update

I've decided to stick it out for the week at the Oriental Pearl Inn, my crusty little guest-house near where Kowloon hits Victoria Harbour. In fact, I've even managed to knock it down from HK$60 to HK$50 a night for the last three, which is mere pocket change given the cost of anything in this city.

Venturing to the shower on Saturday was frought with danger. The 4 shower-toilet cubicles are haphazardly seperated from each other by makeshift dividing curtains, and the small cubicles are cluttered with a toilet, basin, mirror, small shelf, buckets, showerheads, stray pubic hairs and mould. As I ventured into the least pubic and mouldy cubicle, I turned on the tap for my cool refreshing-ice-cold-on-a-winter's-morning shower. Just as I acclimatised myself to the water's crispness, the sweet little old lady owner started knocking insistantly on the divider, demanding that I stop the shower. Evidently, I had chosen a cubicle that was lacking a functioning drain (or a functioning sign to indicate that it was lacking a functioning drain) and was to be used only for waving one's hands behind one's backside and blowing raspberries, at least that's what her little charade seemed to indicate.


Anonymous said…
Guess whqt it is still Sunday night in Paris and as we cant get hotmail this is the only way to make contact. Off to NY on Tuesday. Pqris sensational but so cold!! Creepy night porter prowling round here so bonne nuit xxxxx

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