Pull my finger

This quote from the Taipei Times on Wednesday says it all, really:

"The sovereignty of the ROC is already something that is acknowledged by the Taiwanese public, and proposing this resolution is like taking one's pants down before farting," Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus whip Huang Teh-fu said. The Chinese proverb "to take one's pants down before farting" means to engage in an unnecessary act.


FXH said…
The Taiwan Parliament and political life has more robust exchanges than I am used to here. Paul Keating and Latho couldnt hold a candle to Taiwanese pollies in the insult league. I was over there just after Chen got shot and one pollie made a leering reference to the fact that his female vice pres. had crouched down near his crutch!

I loved the fact that the biggest insult is to call someone a "mainland gangster"

Go out to the National Palace Museum and eat in the cafeteria. It can be a queu if there is a few bus trips around but it was honestly some of the best food in Taiwan there for some reason. The old city bit out near Danshui (sp?)station is a great place to wander around. There is even a great small REAL coffee shop down a lane with cool jazz playing.
Michael Barnett said…
Can you play Hava Nagilah or even Jingle Bells? ;)
B. S. Fairman said…
I will have to remember that one. You would pull your pants down if perhaps you didn't want your jocks to smell.

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