Oh the irony... at the DMZ

Most people who come to this part of the world only ever see the Korean DMZ from the southern slide, looking northward at the fearsome (if somewhat malnourished) bunch that is the North Korean. Quite understandably, coming at that particular piece of valuable real estate is best done from the open and democratic south, which allows people to visit all the way to the edge.

At the moment, though, it's at the lowest point of winter and tourists are few. It's notable that most South Koreans are not too keen on repeating trips to the DMZ, and are satisfied with their single viewing as youngsters. Perhaps it shows just how vulerable to attack Seoul is, being just 60km south of the border. Anyhow, the upshot of having few tourists around is that DMZ tours are scarce, and those which would run twice daily during the other three months a year run only sporadically during winter. Such is the way with fre markets and private enterprise. After four days of trying, I am still struggling to arrange my half-day trip to the site.

If I don't have any luck before I depart on Wednesday, I will have no choice but to miss out on seeing it from this angle and satisfy myself with a visit from the northern end. Like most tourists, then, I'll only get to see to DMZ from one end - though my choice of end will be a tad unusual.


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