Heart and Seoul

Have been in Seoul for 48 hours now, and it feels like I've arrived while the whole city is hibernating. I know it a cliche to complain about the weather, but here goes. Today is scheduled to rise to a warm, sultry -2 in the afternoon, and then after this heady peak it will sink to -13 overnight. The cold is stultifying - when you walk out the door, you get two seconds of warmth before the wave of cold air hits and all feeling drains out of your exposed flesh. Those who have been here a while have developed some resistance to the cold, and have also developed very clever ways to minimise the amount of exposed skin to just the upper part of the face. For me, it's gloves and the thermals my grandfather gave me. I'm debating the merits of wearing my ragged Collingwood beanie around town., but I think I might get the same response as if I wore my "I Love Kim Jong-il" t-shirt.

Speaking of which, apparently the big new TV comedy coming out of NK is "Kim and Kim", the story of a working class father-and-son from the suburbs who constantly do and say stupid things as they try to run the country. It's like "Kath and Kim", except the haircuts are more ridiculous.


Anonymous said…
Ari, Stay warm. We don't want you catching any nasties.
Wear your beanie, who cares. Nobody will know how dreadful old woodies have been fairing.
J is dc. Must have seen or even part of the inaugauration. CM and family in NY.
Be safe,
Anonymous said…
Come on.

You think that is cold? Today in NYC we had a high of -6 and the wind that would cut right through you. The most that i could walk was four bloks before i thought that my fingers were going to fall off along with my legs.

Still have not heard from your name sake but that is not your fault.

Keeping having a good time with you are and i gave your regards to W.


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