MICF - Gavin Baskerville: As Seen on TV

It's a scary thought that many of us feel like we're on a first name basis with Eddie, Dicko (well, not quite first name, more an appropriate description) and Molly whilst most of us struggle to remember the names of our next-door-neighbours or Great Aunties. Such is the power of television that these people are a big part of our lives, and much as we might try and resist it we are sucked into the collective vortex. It is this very theme that inspired Gavin Baskerville's clever Festival show As Seen On TV. Baskerville is a TV insider, and is full of excitement as he shears his televisual insights to a captivated crowd. Baskerville answers the burning questions on why the ads seems louder than the content, why Logies are so easy to make out of paper mache, and why Australian TV is as shite as it is. Through being the only occupant of the stage, Baskerville gives plenty of personality to the TV who occassionally buts in. 'Stevie' sits in the middle, a little like the Blackboard from the old Mr Squiggle days. Plenty of thought and effort has gone into this Moosehead-funded show. The prerecorded sketches and spoof ads are brilliant, the vibe of the show relaxed, and if only there was a tad more pausing for effect, the delivery would be great as well.


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