WILLIAM (Shatner) and COLLINs (Friels)

1:53am, Satuday, 16 April - Corner of Collins and William Streets:

Hundreds of film production people milling around outside the AXA building on that very intersection. Bright lights shine on the scene from half a dozen vantage points. Security guards patrol the perimetre of the site. In the middle of the throng a scene from a Hollywood film using Melbourne as the location for the shoot. Couldn't tell what the film was, but there was plenty of shattered concrete outside the entrance to the building, in what looked like the 'after' shot from a Nias 'before and after'. On the street, a handful of vehicles with fake Texan number plates and the SWAT logo - Special Weapons A-somethingarather Team. Got no idea what it's all about, but it's coming to a screen near you.


Anonymous said…
Those trucks must have been there for a while - I saw them last week!

I think 'A' stood for Assault.

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