Pope buried, Chuckie and Cam married

It's hard to get excited about either event, really. I suppose there was no real surprise about them, and the events were so painfully closely stage managed that about the most exciting thing to come out of the events was a bunch of crazed (possibly drunken) Poles campaigning for Sainthood... and that sure as hell wasn't for Charlie.

During his lifetime, I wasn't a big fan of the Pope. JP2 was the latest in a long line of conservative Catholics who oversaw the slow disintegration of the Church. His reign saw many of the Church's more absurd positions stand solid which circumstances around the world revealed just how absurd they were. Take the AIDS epidemic which swept the third world in the early 80s (were, ironically, the Catholic Church is now at its strongest) - if a Catholic ban on condoms wasn't laughable before the epidemic hit, it was positively murderous afterwards. So whilst the facts of life around the world fundamentally shifted, the Catholic Church under JP2 didn't move an inch. Ditto attitudes toward homosexuality, the ordination of women, and the celibacy of the Priesthood. The facts were screaming for change, and the Church didn't budge. What a shame that is.

And the Royal Wedding. I've been amazed at the animosity toward CP-B. I suspect that whoever was to be the second wife of Charles was always going to face unfortunate comparisons with Diana, who will forever have pride of place in the oversized bosom of the British public. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with CP-B, she is seen as being far too 'establishment' for ordinary punters to relate to her, and perceived as much less likely to provide the sort of innane titilation that the British media seem to thrive on. As for the suggestion that CP-B is ugly, she is... but so what? It's like the entire Commonwealth have psychologically reverted back to the days of school yard bullying, and have collectively decided that Camilla is ugly and we all need to be constantly reminded of it. I have no more respect for the moronic commentariat who make fugly jokes (Why the long face, Camilla?) then I do for the grade 4 bullies who call everyone fat and ugly. Grow up, world, and find someone worth hating to hate. You might just have a new man in Rome to get in the cross-hairs.


Anonymous said…
The pope all right, gives a picture of a intelligent man. At least he's interesting. In the swedish newspaper they published this picture:


I think Europe monarchys are over. And i'm happy for C&C. Let the queen suffer...
Mine Host said…
interestingly, I have lived my entire life believing that "Chilla" is the ozzi abreviation of Charles, from where exactly did you get the word "chucky"?
Ari Sharp said…
Hey Mine Host, thanks for the comment (well, question really). I've always known Chuckie/Chucky as the chummy, casual abbreviation of Charles, although Charlie would hit the spot as well. Not too sure where it comes from, but I've used it before. It is a touch American, so no doubt your average Chucky would hang out with blokes called Randy.

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