MICF - Josh Earl: Broke

When I think of Tasmania, all sorts of things come to mind. Bad haircuts. Odd family associations. Folk music. All of these things and more are a part of the very cosy and very Tasmanian Broke, performed by Josh Earl. Earl doesn't set out to be hip and cool, but somehow manages to achieve it. The show is breezy and simple - Earl is on stage, with his guitar in hand and a few props in his pocket, and he sings about his life. Songs about family, relationships, movies starring Guy Pierce all get a good run, and despite the often pedestrian topics, there are regular laughs aplenty. As well as his solid musicianship, Earl is adept at the between song banter, which is the source of many of the best gags of the night. There were no signs of nervousness or discomfort despite being very exposed to the small crowd. Despite notionally being a one-man show, Earl happily brings on some assorted others to keep him company. At the climax to the show his AUSLAN-speaking (?) girlfriend Bec/Bek/Beq makes an appearance on the glockenspiel, whilst as a warmup act, two Tassie friends of the Earlster, Tully and Sam, sing some brilliant comedic songs which merge Pythonesque-absurdity with odd looking glasses. A strong team of performers with plenty of potential.


Anonymous said…
Hi Ari,

You've got to check out this article I just read on the Age's website. As a tram enthusiast you'll love it.



PS This obvioulsy has no relevence whatsoever to Josh Earl and the MICF.

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