And I think to myself...

IT'S leafy, affluent and perhaps a little smug, but South Yarra has reason to be well pleased with itself — according to a study commissioned by The Age, it is the most liveable suburb in Melbourne.

An interesting front page article in The Age today that no doubt excited the inner-city Age-reading latte-sippers (like me) no end. As new South Yarra residents, AOTW and his other half are thrilled no end with their choice - and are quietly relieved that they didn't chose to live in Cranbourne North, which is apparently at the other end of the livability spectrum. As the other half pointed out, that means we now live in the most livable suburb in the world's most livable city. Life's good!


Phu-Linh Tran said…
Hey A, can't disagree with you there. Manhattan is nuthin' compared to the commercialised, fashionista-struttin', car tootin', streets of dear South O the Yarra.
Polly said…
I can see why South Yarra is ranked 1, but it's a really skewed study - measuring things like distance from the coast, distance from the cbd and things like topographical variation and the size of the local cultural sector (whatever that means).

I also think that the way they've chosen to categorise PT needs a closer look - they have split it into distance from train lines, tram line density and bus stop density - but haven't got any category for frequency, operating hours or reliability of the PT service, which is what really matters.

For instance, Mulgrave rates a 5 (the best score for a category) for bus stop density - but that disguises how crap the bus services are in Mulgrave. There are plenty of bus stops, but most buses stop after night at 6, and take useless winding routes through side streets so it takes ages to get anywhere.

Apparently, Braybrook rates 78th out of 314 suburbs, ahead of places such as Rosanna (which is ranked at 150). And I'd certainly rather live in Cranbourne North over Braybrook.

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