Any takers?

This lobbed in to my in box this week, thanks to a well-connected friend:

Monday, August 22 2005

The team producing the new John Safran television show is looking for a researcher.

You should have a clue about political and religious matters.

Your job would involve taking a brief then sourcing guests - rabbis, imams, gurus etc - and writing background material and interview questions based on this brief. You would also be expected to contribute your own ideas.

Being able to Google is not enough. You are going to need a lateral-brain that can help secure unusual guests and eclectic content. Maybe you’re an academic, maybe you’re an anthropologist, maybe you’re a bright spark of some other description. No TV experience necessary but it doesn’t hurt either.

You would preferably be Melbourne-based. The job is a 16-18 week paid full time position starting mid-September 2005.

Send a CV to

I'm not the one for the job, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of people putting their hand up. A second series of JS versus God, presumably. Good to hear that everybody's favourite Yeshiva-bocher is busy doing what he does best, and not so desperate as to be Dancing With The Stars/Joining the Circus/Playing for Collingwood.

...God doesn't think he's John Safran.
...God doesn't think he's John Safran.


boy_fromOz said…
Safran's show must be the only SBS documentary to be advertised on public transport (Route 72 tram, roof banners)
Anonymous said…
I think I will apply. I have all the credentials and even more.


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