Sounds kinda familiar

"Welcome to the Australian International University web site. Established in 2005, we are a two hundred year old university institution based in Australia. We provide educational services to a diverse yet exclusive clientele of local and international students. Our clients choose the AIU when value for money is their number one priority."

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Jeremy said…

Incentivisation is an important part of motivating our SSP’s. The Australian International University has found that for an SSP, the fear of losing one’s job is a powerful incentive to lower one’s hourly rate. We believe in regularly providing incentives to our SSP’s in order to improve performance and service delivery.
Peter Parker said…
Wasn't it was 'incentivation' (from JH Mk1, 1987).

I couldn't find the price list for the degrees. Is a PhD more than a masters?

Advice on acceptable methods of payment (BPay, credit card, PayPal, EFTPOS, used Met tickets, tarot cards or rosary beads) would also be welcome.

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