I wonder what Ari's up to...

For my own amusement more than anything else, I've launched a new section on the right hand side - The Diary. Basically, any events around town that take my fancy will get a mention, and anyone who is interested in coming along is especially welcome to get in touch. Arts, academic, cultural, political, social, I'm pretty much an events whore. Yep, it's about as self-indulgent as it gets, but welcome to the world of blogging!


Anonymous said…
Great idea, Ari!

Most recent meeting attended was the Gough Whitlam Fan Club (officially known as the Fabian Society). If you haven't been you should go. It's 1973, Gough is still PM, no one had heard of Kerr and the names like Hartley, Santamaria, Evatt flow from the cultured tongues of the genteel older membership.

I'm wondering if I can still pass as under 25 to qualify going to the odd young Labor or young lib meeting to balance the picture!

Ari Sharp said…
Thanks for that, Peter.

I've been a big fan of the Fabian Society ever since I went to a function of their's last year, and went out for dinner with some of them afterwards. Chowing down on a Lygon Street pizza, I found myself between Race Matthews and Carmen Lawrence - ...here I am, stuck in the middle with you... - in fascinating discussion.

Whilst I don't always agree with their politics, I love the fact that they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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