Iraq is (re)born

The world welcomes the Independent Democratic People's Confederate Republic of the United States of Iraq.


NahumAyliffe said…
The world congratulates the US coalition, whose concerted efforts have brought peace to it's streets, and sovereignty to the appointed government.

However, the US army must reconsider its training regimen, particularly regarding 'friendly fire.' Whilst in Iraq, only 493 of the 842 Americans killed were from 'hostile fire,' meaning that over 40 percent of US casualties are self inflicted. (figures correct as of Friday 25/6/2004. This figure is worsened when you consider the death toll of the Iraqi citizens, for whose freedom the US soldiers are killing each other. US soldiers have killed between 9451 and 11333 civilian Iraqis meaning that their 'friendly fire' deaths constitute around 95 percent of US kills. That means that for every enemy killed, US soldiers kill 21 of their friends.

Let's hope that Iraqis have the decency to thank them for their efforts.
Anonymous said…
And how many Brits did the Yanks kill?

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