Melbourne Gangland Tours - a good idea gets Moranned

Disappointing to read that the mysterious "Mick from Ringwood" has shelved his MGT idea. The suggestion that it is in bad taste is probably correct, but since when has bad taste dictated what should happen? The fact that busloads of British backpackers get sent all the way to Nunawading to visit Ramsey Street to snap photos of famous fenceposts is a sad reflection on what Melbourne has to offer its visitors, and a Gangland Tour would be perfect to fill the void.

Forget the MCG or Birrung Marr, this is what I'd wanna see if I came here from outer space:

He said he had planned to charge $55 per person for the bus tour which would have included a visit to The Brunswick Club where crime patriarch Lewis Moran was gunned down.

The tour also would have included Cross Keys Reserve in Essendon where Moran's son Jason and his minder Pasquale Barbaro were killed, and La Porcella restaurant in Carlton where alleged underworld assassin Andrew "Benji" Veniamin met his violent end.

If only Lewis or Benji or Alfonse or Graham were able to lead it...

Check out the full AAP story.


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