Seat Watch - Adelaide

Welcome to the seat of Adelaide - Industries: Markets, retail and service industries, newspapers, fashion design, brewery, army depot and military barracks. No kidding. As an official description, it's downright hilarious. This place sounds like it would be the spiritual home of the Village People.

A rather prim and proper Trish Worth represents the drunk toga-wearing Op-Ed writing cadets who populate Adelaide, and has possibly been given a reprieve by the SA redistribution which increased her margin from an anorexic 0.2% to a closet-bulimic 0.6%. The Libs are likely to struggle in SA, with an under-performing local Liberal Party combined with the vulnerable seats of Adelaide, Hindmarsh, and now Makin thanks to the Draper-circus. At least the Libs in SA won't need to pour their resources into defending Boothby and Mayo from a Democrat attack. The ALP candidate is Kate Ellis, who will no doubt put up a good fight, but this quote from her official biog is worrying:

Kate entered the full-time workforce as a Research Officer for State and then Federal parliamentarians, and has subsequently worked as a Ministerial Adviser for South Australian Minister Hon. Rory McEwen, advising on trade related issues.

(Yes this criticism makes me a complete and utter hypocrite, but such is life.)

Prediction - the Libs SA vote to struggle, and this one will fall to the ALP.


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