Padded up to play the piccolo

Check out this quote from Howard, so laden with mixed metaphors, cricketing and musical analogies one wonders whether Howard or his Press Sec Tony O'Leary had ODed on Hawaiian pizza on their US adventure:

"I think one of Mr Latham's responsibilities is to walk up to the crease and start explaining why he has this attitude and not think he can slide around it and deal with it by staccato criticism of the Government," Mr Howard said.

Check out the full article from Aunty if you're bored.


NahumAyliffe said…
Latham and Iraq: It's just another game of cricket for our PM. Anywhere between 9436 and 11317: Just another batting average of civilian deaths. Aint compassion grand?
Anonymous said…
I thought Cabinet Secretaries and Civil Servants were supposed to be the confusing ones, like Sir Humphrey or Bernard on 'Yes Minister'.

With any luck, this is the beginning of the end of the composed professional that Howard has been, as he commences his slide down the slippery slope of irrelevance.


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