Seat Watch - Dobell

Next up on our Contiki tour of marginal electorates is the central New South Wales coast seat of Dobell. On your left you will see the former member and Next Big Thing Michael Lee licking his wounds after losing the seat by just a handful of votes in '01, whilst on your right you will see the affable incumbant, Liberal MP Ken Ticehurst. Ticehurst won the seat last time by just 0.4% of the two-party prefered vote. This time around the ALP's candidate is David Mehan, who according to the ALP website works for a not-for-profit super fund, and is a bruvva with the Central Coast Trades and Labor Council. It seems unlikely that Ticehurst will be a one-term-wonder in the this seat, and his in an okay position to hold it. Where a personal vote for the Lee would have boosted the ALP vote last time, this time around any personal vote will be going to the Libs.

Prediction - Ticehurst to hold it for the Libs.


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