Happy Birthday, John

Sorry, blogville, about the monumental, gaping time between posts.  I've been busy enjoying John Howard's 65th.


It was a fancy dress party at the Lodge, and gosh it was good.  John Anderson and Mark Vaile were dressed as the top and bottom half of a cow, in true National Party (ooops, that should be The Nationals) spirit.  All was going well until late in the night when Bronwyn Bishop got hold of something underneath and tried to milk it.  Senator Bill Heffernan was there dressed as a High Court judge, wig and all, but perhaps took his act a tad too far when he tried to pick up Christopher Pyne, describing him as the best young talent in the room, whatever that means.

Janette was a real show-stopper as well, when she burst out of the cake to sing "Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister", although it was a bit of a mess when she jumped out too early before John had had a chance to blow out the candles, and her hair caught fire and she needed to pour some of the punch on her head.

It was a suave, sophisticated affair with no riff raff allowed in the door.  Philip Ruddock was the door bitch for the night, and he kept a very close eye on who came in the house, and the circumstances under which they entered.

Thankfully at the end of a good night, everyone made it home safely.  Andrew Olexander was the designated driver.


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