I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

Last month it was the easy task of dismissing potential election dates, as the media and commentators collectively convinced themselves that it was all the way with August 7.  Unfortunately, being the wild, unpredictable character that he is, Howard failed to deliver.  Except to those in the commentariat, this was no surprise.  See earlier ranting for a comprehensive explanation on why August 7 was never the date in Howard's head.

Recent speculation has turned to September 18, with Howard visiting the GG just as parliament rises after a two week sitting in August.  Again, this appears to be a bit of premature excitement on behalf of the Press Gallery crowd, who are apparently oblivious to the fact that the campaign would need to run through the Olympics, footy finals and the start of school holidays.  This a good boy does not Johnny make.

However, now comes the tougher task of arguing in favour of a date.  After much musing, a good glance at The Poll Bludger's excellent Election Calendar, it has become evident that October 16 is going to be election day.  Here's why:

- The campaign will be run during a lull in the calendar, giving Howard plenty of time to drag Latham's name through the mud, and give plenty of oxygen to stories about Latham's woes and ineptitude.

- Days after the anniversary of the Bali bombing, it will keep security and terrorism in the forefront of people's minds without appearing opportunistic.

- It is early enough to not be caught up to closely in the US campaign, while still allowing Howard to bask in any refected glory if Bush manages to pull any tricks out of sleeves or rabbits out of hats (or bearded men out of caves).

The only downside - the ACT election is scheduled for the same date, the third Saturday of October (as well as the Caulfied Cup and Ariontheweb's birthday, but I digress).  The dynamic folks at the ACT Electoral Commission, however, are onto the case, however, and will delay the Territory poll until December 4 if the Federal poll date clashes.   So it's all systems go.

Put the kettle on at the GG's place for early September - Johnny's coming over for a cuppa.


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