Hillary, a true Christian

Well done to Crikey and "Hillary Bray" for the touching and poigniant outing of Hillary in The Sunday Age. There is much to admire about Hillary, and all he has done to expose the political process and all the factors that come into play. So much that was previously strictly behind closed Canberrian doors is now in the open, and Australian democracy is all the richer for it.

The truth is out, and Hillary is in fact Christian Kerr. Well done to Tim Blair, who rightly punted on Kerr as Bray back in March, 2003:

Kerr – who might have been, at least prior to January, Crikey political pundit Hillary Bray...

As for my subtle hinting...

Crikey's Gr... I mean Hillary Bray has posted a rather fiesty response

...well, um, I guess I was off the mark with Greg Barns.

What next, the truth behind JFK?


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