Politics.... it's a dirty game

Politics is a dirty game, Mark Latham, and you are one of the dirtiest players. It is breathtaking hypocracy for someone who has spent so much of his political career heaping vitriol and hatred upon his political opponents to whinge when it comes back to bite. Have a chat to Tony Staley and Tony Abbott and see how much sympathy they have for Latham's dilemma. Those two have both been on the receiving end of Latham's bile.

Latham is on slightly stronger ground when he objects to political 'dirt units' whose sole purpose is to muckrake. They are a blight on our political system and lower the standard of public debate. The weakness of Latham's argument is that they are not the exclusive domain of the Liberals, but are a bipartisan feature, used by both parties as required. Who was doing the digging on Trish Draper, I wonder?


MelbLefty said…
Can't we agree that chucking dirt at politician's FAMILIES is inappropriate?

And that's what's happened here.

Latham's personal attacks on Staley and Abbott were in parliament where both the recipients could respond. All parliamentarians attack the characters of their opponents. It's just that the current conservative attack on Latham is on the members of his family.

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