A State Funeral 'over my dead body': Hutton

Ariontheweb is all in favour of tasteless jokes and comments, though I wasn't aware that the Queensland branch of the Greens felt the same way. It was a particularly tasteless streak is Senate wannabe Drew Hutton that lead him to speculate about the funeral of Sir Joh well before Sir Joh moves on to the great Sunshine Coast in the sky.

"This is a government which for 20 years was characterised by corruption, by authoritarianism and by environmental vandalism," Mr Hutton told the ABC.

"State funerals are supposed to be for people who have the respect of the community, and the admiration and affection of the community."

Sir Joh, 93, is suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease and requires round-the-clock nursing care.

The Greens have obviously conceded they're not going to win the nonagenarian vote.

Sir Joh: Not Dead


MelbLefty said…
But he was a corrupt thug!

Why is someone suddenly above reproach as soon as they get senile and then die? Reagan was not a saint, even though he has died. Many people die who are not saints. Sir Joh was not a saint, even though he's old and a bit dribbly.

Note, the tradition of automatic state funerals for state leaders is something the leaders themselves have put in place. I don't see why we should be particularly excited about it, unless the leader in question has actually done something genuinely great. But I don't think that applies to Sir Joh.
Ari Sharp said…
It would be a terrible thing if we were to go down the path of state funerals being denied to important public figures based on the political incumbant. Should Sir Joh do his best to hold on until the ALP are out of office in Queensland so that he can be assured of a State Funeral? Given how the conservatives are travelling in Queensland, he'll get well into triple figures.

Bottom line is that there is a level of civic achievement that demands a State Funeral, and to deny it based on a reconstruction of history is the wrong way to go.

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