Seat Watch - Hindmarsh

What's the point in being in government if you can't tinker with the redistrubution in your favour? That's certainly a question SA Liberals must be asking after the 1.9% margin in Hindmarsh was almost halved to 1%, putting the seat in serious danger of falling to the ALP. This is especially so given the retirement of likeably, affable, and largely innoffensive (she was a former Women's Weekly journalist) Chris Gallus. Gallus no doubt saw that her ministerial potential was falling, and that it was time to move on. Notably, this is the oldest electorate in the country (according to Mumble) and so at the sprightly young age of 61, Gallus could certainly have continued for a while yet.

Stepping up to the plate for the Liberals is Simon Birmingham, whilst the ALP challenger will be serial candidate Steve Georganas. Not a lot to be said about those two (even the Buddha of election info, Antony Green, is reduced to describing them as "wine executive" and "former taxi driver" respectively), so it seems the result will came down to national factors.

This one will stick with the government - the over 65s don't like Latham's brashness, and respect Howard's stubbornness.


Anonymous said…
Your predictions seem optimistic for the Libs, especially in Hindmarsh and Dobell. But then I remember your prediction on the 2002 state election as well.

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