Henderson gets stuck into Garrett (and throws in a few pissy dancing metaphors)

Gerard Henderson is the first of the conservatives to get the boots stuck into Garrett. Not the pointy-toed barn dance scrotum-scratchers, mind you, more a pair of tennis shoes with smooth but firm stitching, just to give him a feel of what's to come. In his syndicated column in both The SMH and The Age, Henderson has critiqued Garrett's various public utterances both before and after his decision to join the ALP:

Before he joined Labor, Garrett's world view consisted of an uncompromising left-wing agenda on foreign and economic policy, and a certain moral conservatism on some social issues (ie, abortion, in-vitro fertilisation) along with an overarching commitment to the environment. Now all attitudes will have to be accommodated to ALP policy.

It has taken the media a while to treat Garrett as the politician that he is rather than the rock star that he was. There is no place for fawning interviews or a turn-the-other-way attitude when it comes to exposing Garrett's hypocracies. No doubt we can expect plenty more from conservative columnists and politicians alike.


Anonymous said…
dear ari i will also miss wmd tours well worth the money and i think Peter Garrett will be the downfall of Labour Love your column sara

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